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Albums, Wall art and Extra's

Wedding Albums

 Wedding albums are simply timeless and can preserve memories for many years to come, and should be something couples should think of.

Wedding Albums are like a Storybook when my couples look through the pages of their wedding album, the couple’s friends, parents, children and grandchildren can enjoy the story of their wedding day all over again.  My wedding albums are arranged to provide a complete view of your special day from beginning to end, giving my couple a storybook feeling. 

Although it’s hard to imagine that you would forget any moment from your wedding day, the fact is that memories do fade over time. Especially when it’s been 10, 20 or 30+ years. With the help of my wedding albums, you will  be reminded of all those special moments that made your wedding day unique. You will be able to look through your wedding album anytime , especially during anniversaries and when family and friends come visit.

With a custom handcrafted wedding album, you will be able to take a trip down memory lane anytime they you want  and relive the day from one special moment to another. There are many ways to cut back on a wedding to save money, but not investing into a professional wedding album isn’t one of them.

Please feel free to have a look at my albums, and I always bring a sample of my albums to all my meet and greets.


I offer two fantastic wedding albums for my couples. 

Adore Album - Luxury album 

This album is gorgeous, it is neatly fitted inside a stunning presentation box- personalised for you with your name and wedding date.

This album is 12x12 and makes such a statement 

With a Antique White cover wrap around your box and album with a UV design.

Your Photos are printed on Fujicolor Professional DP II Lustre photographic paper to give you the professional finish your day deserves.

This album has 40 lay-flat pages and is hand made.


Bellissimo Album - Classic Album 

This album is seamless iconic storybook album, it is neatly fitted inside a  presentation box 

This album is 10x10 size and as soon as you open your album box your  first look at the acrylic mounted cover of the photo of your choice is pure magic and such a centre piece.


With a Antique White cover wrap 

Your Photos are printed on Fujicolor Professional DP II Lustre photographic paper to give you the professional finish your day deserves.

This album has 20 lay-flat pages, and is hand made.

This album is included in my Gold and Platinum package but can be order separately if wished.

The price of this album if sold separately from package £250


I can also arrange two 6x6 copies off your album please see packages. 

Parents books if sold separately from packages are £50 each

Wedding Wall Art 

Wall art - DiBond 30x20

For a sleek wall display that is perfectly suited to show your big day off in you home on a wall as a centre piece to show visitors your love and amazing day then this product does just that. 

This eye catching DiBond wall has slim aluminium panel mounted on a black acrylic base. You can select your favourite image from your USB and allow me to create this eye catching centre piece for you. This is included in my Platinum package but can be purchased separately if wished £200

KWA20 Finalist Logo RGB.jpg

Feel free to Contact me about my packages and products at our meetings, I always bring the product along, it is so important that my couples see and feel the professional quality their products will be  

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